Spotlight on the News

Pastor Greg Webster Relocates

Much to the dismay of our congregation, and no doubt to those who have enjoyed his sermons online, Pastor Greg has been called away to Rocklin near Sacramento. His final sermon, this last Sabbath September 27, was blessed and rather emotional for all. We were encouraged by the addition of seven new members through the rite of baptism. It was a "high" and "low" Sabbath at the same time. We wish Pastor Greg and Nelli Webster godspeed and look forward to meeting with them again in heaven.

Interim pastor will be Elder Ernest Toppenberg. He will be with us through the first quarter of 2009. At that time we will be given a permanent pastor.

This Site Loses Active Webmaster

I want to let you know that as of the first of August, this site has no active webmaster. The news items below will continue to be automatically updated but there will be no sermons posting or local information being reported. We hope that soon the situation will be remedied. Please check back periodically.

Thanks and God bless you.